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SECTION A: Name B The name of this organization is Kansas Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, hereafter referred to as KSVOAD.

SECTION B: Address B The business address for KSVOAD will reside with the elected chairperson.

SECTION C: Area Covered B The entire state of Kansas .


SECTION A: Purpose - To bring together community organizations at all levels who are, or desire to be, active in disaster, including relevant businesses and government agencies, to foster more efficient and effective service to people affected by disaster in the state of Kansas through cooperation, coordination, education, and mitigation.


SECTION A: Membership - The membership of KSVOAD shall consist of the following categories:

(1) Regular Membership (Voting) - Any not-for-profit or governmental organization, agency or foundation, and their employees, active in the KSVOAD, with either a stated or implied policy of committing resources, without discrimination, to meet the needs of people affected by disaster. Resources can be people, money, equipment, goods and services, facilities or any other commodity which may be needed during the urgent and often confusing conditions associated with disaster.

a. Any organization participating in the initial formation of KSVOAD and otherwise meeting Regular Membership criteria will be considered Regular Members upon formation.

b. Any organization wanting to become a Regular Member subsequent to KSVOAD formation, and meeting Regular Membership criteria, will make their desires known at any meeting of KSVOAD, or to any officer outside a regular meeting, and that organization will be considered a Regular Member upon so declaring at the meeting or upon the convening of the next regularly scheduled meeting, as applicable.

c. The official representatives to KSVOAD that are National VOAD member agencies will be Regular Members.

(2) Affiliate Membership (Non-voting) - Any organization or business, whether for profit or not, with an interest in helping people affected by disaster but which do not meet the criteria for Regular Membership. This category may include organizations or government agencies with primarily disaster planning and operations responsibilities. Initial and subsequent Affiliate Membership will be analogous to the procedures for Regular Membership as delineated above in parts III.A.1.a. and III.A.1.b.

SECTION B: Attendance and Voting

(1) Attendance - Members, regardless of membership category, may attend any meeting of the whole and have voice privileges on any issue of discussion.

(2) Voting - Voting is limited to Regular Members. All votes will be determined by simple majority (fifty percent of eligible votes cast, plus one).

(a) Policy Issues - Policy issues shall be voted upon by organizational entity with a single vote per organization. Each member organizational entity shall identify a single representative to vote for the entity. Individual members, unless specifically representing an organization, shall not be allowed a vote on policy issues. The Chair shall determine which issues are policy in nature and so declare prior to asking for a vote. Organizational components, such as Offices, Divisions, Departments, and Teams shall be considered part of the parent organization and will not have a separate vote on policy issues.

(b) Other Issues - Voting on all other issues shall be by individual members present.

SECTION C: Contributions - Membership or affiliation with KSVOAD does not require the payment of dues. An annual contribution of $25.00 is encouraged from each member organization to include sub-entities of member organizations such as teams, chapters, corps, etc. Contributions will be used to support administrative cost of KSVOAD and support officers and members, where possible, to attend annual VOAD conference and other such functions.


SECTION A: Meetings - Meetings-of-the-whole shall be held four (4) times a year on a schedule set by KSVOAD.

(1) Meetings-of-the-whole. Written notice will be sent to all members to l confirm meeting date, time, location and agenda at least one (1) week prior to the scheduled meeting. Correspondence, to the extent practicable and feasible, shall be by email to decrease the administrative costs of the organization. Meetings may be rescheduled by majority vote of the membership present at the meeting immediately preceding the one being rescheduled.

(2) Special meetings - Special meetings may be called by the Chair or by a majority of the Executive Committee. Any KSVOAD member may request a special meeting by making their request known to any officer. The officer will poll the Executive Committee and if a majority of the Executive Committee members concur, the special meeting will be called. To the extent practicable, two weeks notice of a special meeting is recommended. However, circumstances may dictate meeting as soon as possible.

SECTION B: QUORUM - For regularly scheduled and special meetings, five (5) members, eligible to vote on policy issues, shall constitute a quorum for conducting business. For committee meetings, a quorum shall be a simple majority of the committee membership. Decisions put to a vote will be determined by simple majority (fifty percent of votes cast plus one).

SECTION C: Confirmation of next meeting - The location, date and time of the next meeting will be confirmed immediately prior to adjourning the current meeting.

SECTION D: Parliamentary Procedure - Robert's Rules of Order shall govern how KSVOAD meetings are conducted.

SECTION E: Minutes - Minutes shall be taken at all meetings of the KCCOAD by either the Secretary or a member designated by the Chair in the Secretary's absence. Said minutes shall be distributed at least one week prior to the next scheduled meeting and approved or corrected at that meeting.

SECTION F: Method of Correspondence B To minimize administrative costs, the preferred method of correspondence is email, followed by facsimile. The postal system will be used only for members who do not have access to either email or facsimile.


SECTION A: Officers - Only Regular Members can hold Office in KSVOAD. There shall be four officer positions: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Officers shall be elected at the last regularly scheduled meeting of the calendar year with new Officers commencing their duties on the first day of the new calendar year. Officers will serve without pay.

SECTION B: Elections - Officers shall be elected by majority (fifty percent of votes cast plus one) of the voting members present. With respect to voting privilege, election of Officers IS NOT a policy issue.

SECTION C: Term of office - The term of office shall commence on the first day of the calendar year following election and shall terminate on the last day of that calendar year. Officers are eligible to succeed themselves provided no person hold the same office for more than (3) consecutive terms.

SECTION D: Duties and responsibilities

(1) Chair B Convene and preside at meetings; be the KSVOAD principal representative and spokesperson; form ad hoc committees and assign committee leadership; delegate tasks; provides overall leadership.

(2) Vice Chair B Assume the duties of Chair in his or her absence.

(3) Secretary - Performs duties as implied by the title. Serves as chairperson in the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair.

(4) Treasurer - Performs duties as implied by the title.

SECTION E: Resignation - An officer may resign by submitting a resignation in writing to either the Chair or the Secretary. In the event of the resignation of the Chair, the Vice-Chair sha11 assume the duties of Chair. Other officer vacancies shall be filled by appointment by the Chair after consultation with the Executive Committee or by the Executive Committee in the absence of a Chair. Officers so appointed shall serve until the end of the term for which appointed.

SECTION F: Nominations - The Chair shall appoint a nominating committee at least two months prior to the meeting at which new officers will be elected. The nominating committee shall consist of at least three (3) members representing different organizations. The nominating committee will identify a slate of officers consisting of at least one eligible person willing to serve in each of the officer positions. The nominating committee shall contact each current officer and member organization listed in the current KCCOAD Resource Directory as soon after formation as feasible seeking candidates for officer positions. Individuals desiring to be a candidate for any office may submit their names to the nominating committee or to any current officer who in turn will submit their name to the nominating committee. The nominating committee shall serve until immediately following the election for which their nominees are considered.


SECTION A: Executive Committee

(1) General - The membership of the Executive Committee shall consist of the KSVOAD Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, the Chairs of all standing committees, and at least three members-at-large nominated and elected by the general membership at the meeting at which officers are elected. Nominations for all Executive Committee members shall be from
the floor.

(2) Purpose - The purpose of the Executive Committee is to expedite the order of business at the regular membership meetings by considering and referring appropriate matters of business to the full membership for consideration and action. The Executive Committee shall also consider all business requiring attention during the interval between regular meetings of KSVOAD. In an emergency, the Executive Committee may make and act upon decisions affecting the entire organization. Decisions so made shall be presented to the membership at the next regular or special meeting for approval.

SECTION B: Other Committees - No standing committee, other than the Executive, is established in these articles of organization. Standing committees may be established by the Executive Committee to meet the needs of the organization. Ad hoc Membership and Audit Committees are established herein. The Chair may appoint additional ad hoc committees to accomplish specific tasks of the organization. Subcommittees may be appointed at the discretion of the committee chairs.


SECTION A: KSVOAD is neither a fund raising nor disbursing organization. Any funds collected will be used to meet the administrative expenses of the organization.

SECTION B: Any KSVOAD funds collected can only be dispersed with the approval of the Executive Committee. Pre-approval is authorized. Disbursement shall require the signature of any officer.

SECTION C: In the event of the dissolution of KSVOAD, any remaining funds will be donated to the NVOAD organization..

SECTION D: The Chair shall appoint an auditing committee of two (2) Regular Members to review and reconcile KSVOAD funds. Review and reconciliation shall occur at least annually and when there is a turnover of the treasurer position. Review and reconciliation coincident with treasurer turnover shall constitute the annual audit. The Chair of the audit committee shall report his or her findings at the regularly scheduled meeting next following the audit.


SECTION A: These bylaws, and any proposed changes, shall become effective immediately upon ratification by a majority vote of the Regular Membership eligible to vote on policy issues present at the meeting at which the vote is taken. Bylaws changes must be promulgated to the entire membership at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which a vote is scheduled. Proposed bylaws MAY be amended from the floor.



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