How to check KFC schedule

How to check KFC schedule

KFC is largest restaurant which is famous for their fried chicken dishes. There are total 136 number of countries around 20 thousand no of franchise restaurants across whole globe.

How to check KFC schedule

The headquarter is situated in Kentucky. Head office contains executive office at KFC’s R and D facilities. As per the record of 2013 year, about $23 billion selling is done by KFC team. KFC also ranked second position of the favorite restaurants after MacDonald’s.

More than 300 different food items are included in the food menu of KFC like as Chicken sandwiches, Wraps, French fries, Chicken Strips, Hot Wing, Burgers, Beverages, Salads, Desserts etc.

KFC team member:

The variety of responsibilities are depending on the team members of the restaurant. in a shift, the responsibilities changes.

The crew member of the restaurant having the duty of preparing healthy and tasty food and service to the visited customers as well.

Greeting customers, taking food orders of customers and fulfil their hunger with a delicious food and complete the transaction on the cash register are the duties of customer service team of the restaurant.

The restaurant team of United State contains:

  1. Team Member – 172; Average salary – $10.03 per hour.
  2. Shift Manager – 33; Average salary – $24,962 per year.
  3. Cashier – 122; Average salary – $8.61 per hour.
  4. Cook- 116; Average salary – $9.34 per hour.

Weekly schedule of the KFC restaurant:

The restaurant service is available for single week as:

  1. The restaurant opens on 8:00 AM of the morning.
  2. It closes on 11:00 PM of the midnight.
  3. This opening and closing time of the restaurant is same from Monday to Friday.
  4. But on Saturday and On Sunday, the restaurant is open from 8:30 AM till 11:00 PM.

This is a working schedule of single week. It will also applicable for days of month.

How to check KFC restaurant schedule:

The working schedule of the restaurant is checked by the following ways:

  1. Customer service office –

You can check the working schedule and holiday hours via contact this team by calling on 800-225-5532. The team guided well about schedule.

  1. You can also call Corporate office of the restaurant on 502-459-9872.
  2. Mail id – [email protected]

You can also send the mail about your problems, enquiries or any complaints via their official mail address.

Holiday hours of KFC restaurant:

The holiday is the great time for relaxation and enjoyment with friends and family. Most of restaurants are opened for limited hours on the public holidays. The working time on holidays is depending on the location of the KFC restaurant.

  • Restaurant closed –

The KFC restaurant service is not available on the Thanksgiving Day (28th November), Christmas day (25th December) and Easter Monday (13th April).

  • Restaurant open –

The holidays like St. Patricks day, Good Friday, Father’s Day, Valentine’s day, Labour Day, Halloween, Memorial Day, Veterans day, Cyber Monday, New year’s evening etc.

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You can easily check the daily updated schedule via mobile app also. But for this, firstly you have to download the app from Appstore and you have to login with valid email id. The company will provide you one OTP and then you are able to check the updated working schedule, any holidays etc.