What Is a Shaver

What Is a Shaver

The object which is used for shaving is known as the shaver. In ancient days, there was no specific machine to remove the hairs of a human being.What Is a Shaver


During the late 18th century, precision shaver was born which is used for a clean shave. It looked like a small hatchet means no branding on it.

In the year of 1885, the first shaver was introduced which is used for bloodless shaving. The name of the first shaver is King Camp Gillette. After some year, with the new techniques, a new Electric Shaver is launched in the market in the year of 1928.

From this year to till date, there are many multifunctional shavers gets established. This shaver is used for the closest and fine shave. Because this shaver having blade angle controller.

If the user uses this shaver in the wrong way, there is a chance to cut on face and neck also. So, the user has to use this shaver very carefully to avoid the injuries.

Types of Shaver

There are various types of shaver in the market. Some of them are listed as follows –

  1. Cartridge Shaver
  2. Electric Shaver
  3. Safety Shaver
  4. Straight Shaver

About Cartridge Shaver

  • This shaver is simple to use. It is one of the famous of razor blades.
  • It is having the main function as a user can shave either against or with the growing hair
  • It is easily following the face shape of the user as it contains the flexible centre which gives the fine and closer shave
  • The handle of this type of shaver is made up of either the metal or plastic
  • The cartridge of this shaver is replaceable that means after long term use it become dull in working. That time you can buy just a new cartridge blade and this shaver is able to use.
  • This type of shaver having the permanently attached handle with the head of the shaver.
  • After the handful uses, user can throughout it because it’s made for only temporarily use
  • In one packet of the shaver, there are 12-20 shavers are arranged in a set with a variety of colours and styles

About Electric Shaver

  • This type of shaver is used without any cream. It needs just plain water during shaving
  • It is more efficient in use for both women and men

About Safety Shaver

  • This type of shaver is mostly used by our grandfathers
  • It is having single blade space at the top. For replacing the old blade with the new one this space is open

About Straight Shaver

  • It is also called a cut-throat razor.
  • The blade of this shaver is permanent and the handle is made up of the wood-plastic or metal.

The best electric shavers

  1. Braun electric shaver (Series 7 790cc)
  2. Philips Norelco (Series 9700)
  3. Remington (F5-5800)

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The shaver is the best object to remove the growing hair. It is mainly used for fine shaving and the user looks good with the clean shave.